Monday, November 9, 2009

FJ Across America - It's been 15 weeks since we started the game/challenge!

Laura and I added our miles to the count for a total of 19.5 miles in Week 15.

Total Group Miles so far: 374.39

There are about 2,860 miles from New Jersey to California...we have a LOOOONG way to go!

Week 16 started yesterday...I ran 4...who's going to match that??? Better yet...who wants to RAISE ME?!?!

Monday, November 2, 2009

November Client of the Month

Name: Karen
Occupation: Multi- technician at CMC ER , soon to be nursing student
When did you start with "Fitness Jenn" and what was your weight? Measurements? Fitness Level?
I would have to say my weight when I started Fitness Jenn was around 138- 140. I was at that point when no matter what you did you just never lost the weight. I was going to the gym before I started and still hit a plateau of weight loss. I had somewhat of a fitness level before I had started with Jenn, I hit the gym, lifted weights, and did my cardio. I now, according to my scale at home, am 132.
What program did you/do you do with Jenn? (Classes, Personal Training, Etc)
I do Kickboxing and Bootcamp, I first started with Kickboxing, and it kicked my you know what and gave me that OMG feeling the next day. I loved it and just keep going back for more. 2 hours of great torture!!! Never get tired of that hurt feeling of the best work out ever.How has your progress been?Progress is unbelievable. I am down around 8 lbs. and I am much leaner and more cut (according to Jenn) than I was before I started. I feel better than I have in awhile and always look forward to going to each and every class I can. I get really bummed when I can’t make it.
What do you do differently now (if anything) to support your health & fitness?
Thank you to Jenn who has given me a workout to maximize my time at the gym because time is limited for me. I use that as a strong guideline and keep a close eye on my diet. I make sure that those carbs stay at a distance and only have a sufficient amount for my energy level for the day. Protein is a new friend and the portions at dinner (a lot smaller). I also watch what I snack on...always healthy!!!!!
What is your favorite exercise to do? Least favorite?
My favorite exercise would have to be the punches. Very big stress reliever for me!!!!! FYI next one would be push ups, love them too. 30 off the bat in the gym helps me with them in class. Least favorite would have to be burpies, yeah, they are just a pain in the ass!!!! All in all, I love every moment of every muscle aching work out!!!!
Share with us your results so far (and attach pics if you would like!!!)
Well to put it in my husband’s words, “you’re starting to look like a female bodybuilder” that is complimenting enough. I love it. The lean, skinnier, more cut look. Somewhat of what I am aiming, thanks to Jenn I am starting to get there. I plan on keep working at it and getting to where I want to be.
What would you say to others about the Fitness Jenn training program?
She is the greatest. Jenn will not let you quit and will motivate you every step of the way!!!!!What's the next goal you would like to reach?I want to be more defined. that’s all, but I think Jenn has more of a goal for me. Hey Jenn, I will have to think about that one, you need to tone my tummy a bit more for my taste!!
Please share anything else you would like the world to know!
Jenn won’t only keep you on your goal, but she will help you with diet and anything you need to know about fitness. Her classes are never the same, so you never know what you are walking into, which is one thing I love about them. I can’t be in class doing the same thing over and over again; she’s got something new in store for each and every class. LOVE IT!!!!!! Jenn's not only a personal trainer or instructor, she makes a really great friend, who if you ever have any questions or problems with workouts or diet or anything, she is sure to help you with them.

Monday, October 5, 2009

October 2009 Fitness Jenn News Letter


About a month ago I wrote that we were moving to Flyaway Gymnastics on Route 37. PLEASE NOTE THAT HAS CHANGED. Our new class location is: Advanced Karate Academy – 1263 River Ave (aka, Rt 9 North), Lakewood, NJ. The class schedule has also changed slightly. Please visit for the new schedule. Your first class is FREE! Come check us out!


11 weeks ago we started the FJ Across America Challenge. This was created to inspire and motivate you and your friends and family to start moving! Even if you just walk, cardiovascular exercise is so important for EVERYONE at ANY AGE. Please visit for the full rules on how to participate. It’s FREE to participate and you can JOIN AT ANY TIME.


Not only have I been in business for 1 year but October is also my birthday month! I would like to celebrate ALL MONTH LONG by offering you these great deals*:

~ 6 weeks of SATURDAY ONLY Kickboxing & Boot Camp Combo = $90 (Regularly $120)
~ (5) 30 min Personal Training Sessions + (5) Kickboxing Sessions = $195 (Regularly $225)

*All offers expire 10/31/09 and CAN NOT be combined with any other offer.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

October Client of the Month

Name: Shannon

Occupation: Advertising Extraordinaire ....or Marketing Manager

When did you start with “Fitness Jenn” and what was your weight? Measurements? Fitness Level?
I've always been active, whether it be playing softball, recreational running, training for half marathons or triathlons. I know I have to keep moving because I deal with a medical condition that makes me predisposed to being overweight. I learned about "Fitness Jenn" online, after returning from a 6 day fitness retreat. I wanted to keep the intensity of my workouts up and Jenn's classes were exactly what I was looking for!

What program did you/do you do with Jenn? (Classes, Personal Training, Etc)
I love Jenn's kickboxing and bootcamp classes. When my schedule permits I try to get to the Core/Abs class also.

How has your progress been?
With Jenn's instruction and tons of support, I was able to achieve an unimagined goal of competing in an NPC competition.

What do you do differently now (if anything) to support your health & fitness?
I now sweat like a beast- unlike anything I've ever experienced... so I'd say we've incorporated a lot more high intensity workouts into my routine.

What is your favorite exercise to do? Least favorite?
I really like workouts that I think are going to be excruciating... after they're all done. There's nothing that feels better than finishing one of Jenn's really tough workouts. My least favorite exercises are bear crawls because I think my torso is too short, which makes doing them awkward. I also have a problem with up/downs and burpees in excess.

Share with us your results so far (and attach pics if you would like!!!)

What would you say to others about the Fitness Jenn training program?
Jenn is an amazing trainer with a lot of heart. She has helped so many people achieve their fitness goals whether it be to lose 50 pounds, get on stage and compete or improved fitness stamina and strength.

What’s the next goal you would like to reach?
My goal is to get to the point where I am able to stay consistent with my regimen. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a busy schedule takes a lot of mental strength and discipline and that is the greatest challenge I face.

Please share anything else you would like the world to know!
Jenn rocks and I love sneakers.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Client of the Month - September

Name: Bianca

Occupation: Waitress

When did you start with "Fitness Jenn" and what was your fitness level?
I started with Jenn after an 8 week vacation in Australia at the end of May. My husband and I decided we wanted to do something together to get fit. I had not done any real exercise in almost 3 years besides walking so I was not really fit at all- I felt like I was going to pass out after the one hour kickboxing class I started with! Before I started with Fitness Jenn I was a bit of a couch potato...Sweat was a foreign substance to me!!

What program did you/do you do with Jenn? (Classes, Personal Training, Etc)
For the first 6 weeks I just did Kickboxing and that was hard enough, but now I do all 3 classes(core, kickboxing and body boot camp)- so 2.5 hours of it and I still feel like bouncing around and running after class.

How has your progress been?
My progress started off slow I think- I felt changes in my fitness every week but I didn't really feel my body changing or anything for a while- I guess it takes time...but recently I feel like I am so much more fit and healthy and I have also lost 8lb in the 3 months I have been doing classes with Jenn. I know I am a lot fitter than before and I really wish I took some really good "before" photos! lol. I also can see a lot more muscle in my body and I love it. I feel so much stronger now. When I started with Jenn I could barely do a pushup from my knees- now I can even do about 10 from my toes..Might not be much for some people but I am gettin there! I don't plan on slowing down any time soon- I wish the classes went for 3.5 hours instead!

What do you do differently now (if anything) to support your health & fitness?
I actually do a lot more exercises now than I did before- and learned that sweating is perfectly natural and even the fittest people I know sweat too! lol. I also learned about Protein supplements and eating lots of protein in your diet and how healthy it can be..I also try to drink a gallon of water every day.

What is your favorite exercise to do? Least favorite?
I like round house kicks and mountain climbers. I sort of hate pushups and burpees- oh and those little Irish jig thingies.

Share with us your results so far (and attach pics if you would like!!!)
Before I started I couldn't run at from doing these classes I have so much more fitness that I can actually run a couple of miles without nearly dying.
I was also 143lb when I started and now I am at 135lb and I think I just lost a lot of fat and have developed muscles also!

What would you say to others about the Fitness Jenn training program?
Umm..that she is a godsend! lol..I just love how I am excited to go to class every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings even- I always look forward to going and sweating my @ss off and getting to see all the other friendly faces there- it is just a lot of fun and it's definitely a great workout. I always get so upset when I have to miss a class :( I think everyone should join because it makes working out fun- I love it so much more than the gym.

What's the next goal you would like to reach?
I just want to keep getting more fit and maybe get some defined abs and thighs, I don't want to lose more weight- but just lose body fat.

Fitness Jenn Across America - Rules to Participate

Fitness Jenn Across America!There are about 2,860 miles from New Jersey to California and Fitness Jenn needs YOU to help get her there!

Prizes will be awarded, so this is the perfect time to get motivated! Grab a friend, sister, co-worker, neighbor and get MOVING! (Winners chosen at random.)

How to participate: Email your name & address to (just in case you are a prize winner, I know where to send it to.)

Update your mileage each day or each week. Must look like this:

Jane Doe 7/27/09 3.2 miles
Jane Doe 7/28/09 2 miles
Jane Doe 8/1/09 .5 miles

Name…Date…and Miles MUST be included and sent via Face Book, MySpace, MeetUp, or e-mail:

You may walk, jog, run, or bike your miles. Earn even MORE chances to win the Bi-Weekly Prizes!!!If you complete:0.5 - 4.99 miles per week - You get 1 entry into the bi-weekly prize drawing5 - 9.99 miles per week - You get 2 entries into the bi-weekly prize drawing10 -14.99 miles per week - You get 3 entries into the bi-weekly prize drawing15 + miles per week - You get 4 entries into the bi-weekly prize drawing.The more miles you complete...the more chances you will have to win prizes!!!PLEASE NOTE: All miles must come from "exercise" miles...not day to day walking.

Any questions please e-mail them to Let’s see how many people we can get involved and how long it takes to get across the USA!!!

Invite your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers. The more the merrier! YOU CAN JOIN IN THE FUN AT ANY TIME!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Client of the Month for August - Audrey

Name: Audrey

Occupation: Office Manager

When did you start with "Fitness Jenn" and what was your weight? Measurements? Fitness Level?
I started with Jenn at the very end of March. I had already started my weight loss journey but knew I needed help. That is when I contacted Jenn and I am so glad I did. I was 259lbs in October when I decided I need to lose the weight and get healthy. When I started with Jenn I was 219lbs and not very fit.

What program did you/do you do with Jenn? (Classes, Personal Training, Etc)
I started in the kickboxing class and now I am currently going to Kickboxing, Body Boot camp and meeting with Jenn once a week for one on one sessions.

How has your progress been?
My progress has been great, I feel so much better. And it is such an accomplishment for me when I realize some of the things I can now do. I wasn't able to do a push up when I got to kickboxing. I have come a long way.

What do you do differently now (if anything) to support your health & fitness?
I eat completely differently than I did before. I continue to work out and now I get upset
if I miss a work out where before I hated to work out.

What is your favorite exercise to do? Least favorite?
My favorite exercise would have to be back fisted punches. Don't ask me why I just enjoy them the most. My least favorite would have to be Burpees. I don't know if I will every enjoy doing Burpees.

Share with us your results so far (and attach pics if you would like!!!)
Well like I said I started at 259lbs back in October and I am currently 188. And can honestly say have never felt as good as I do physically as I do now. And it will only get better.

What would you say to others about the Fitness Jenn training program?
I am a huge Jenn supporter. She is just amazing. She pushes me where I would never push myself. If you are considering getting healthy Jenn is the way to go. I am grateful I found her and met a great group of people who have supported me from the beginning.

What's the next goal you would like to reach?
Well I am still working on my current goal of losing a 100lbs which I get closer to every day.
I have my set backs but with every one's support I put them behind me and keep going.
I can't wait to get there and I am sure I will make a new goal as soon as I get there.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Client of the Month - July

Name: Laura

Occupation: 5th grade special ed teacher

When did you start with "Fitness Jenn" and what was your weight? Measurements? Fitness Level?
I started in Oct and took a couple of classes. Then, I took a break. I went back in late Jan/early Feb. When I started I was 148, size 10-12 and not really active, occasionally go to the gym.

What program did you/do you do with Jenn? (Classes, Personal Training, Etc). Back in Oct I started with kickboxing. When I went back I did just abs for a couple of weeks. Eventually I added kickboxing and boot camp.

How has your progress been?
My progress has been influential. These classes have given me more energy to do and try different exercises. As I see myself being successful in losing weight and gaining strength it makes me want to continue challenging myself.

What do you do differently now (if anything) to support your health & fitness?
I basically just changed what I ate. I started logging what I ate for the day. Ive learned through Jenn and conversations from class what decisions are best. I understand no matter how much exercise you do its what you eat that is also a huge influence. Not only am I trying not to eat high calorie food but I am trying to eat healthier a big feat for a picky eater as I am.

What is your favorite exercise to do? Least favorite?
I think my favorite exercise would have to be just holding the plank. Its a constant challenge to see how much longer you could hold it. I remember how holding it for 30 seconds seemed like forever and impossible. I'm at a minute and 20 seconds now and definitely would like to hold it longer than that. My least favorite would have to be anything involving jumping. It's yet another challenge to build endurance.

Share with us your results so far (and attach pics if you would like!!!)
Today I am 131 lbs, size 8 and wear small tops. Reaching these results and seeing it on a scale is always a shock. Prior to this I always said I just want to lose 20 lbs but never actually thought Id be so close to reach that goal.

What would you say to others about the Fitness Jenn training program?
I recommend this program to anyone listening. Jenn has organized a program that makes you want to try your best. Having a support system and a group of pepole having the same goal as you motivates you. It's easy to say what you want to accomplish but with Jenn's motivation and inspiration it makes it possible. She pushes you in a way that you want to do more. I say all the time I would never have been able to do this if I never signed up for her class.

What's the next goal you would like to reach?
I would like to lose 5-6 more pounds. My latest goal is to have defined arms. I simply want to increase my strength and tone my body.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

June's Client of the Month - Krystle

Name: Krystle

Occupation: Office Manager

When did you start with "Fitness Jenn" and what was your weight? Measurements? Fitness Level?
Oct 2008, 155 lbs, Size 10-12 or Large, somewhat active but never consistent

What program did you/do you do with Jenn? (Classes, Personal Training, Etc)
Started w/ Kickboxing, then KB and Core and now KB, Core and Bootcamp

How has your progress been?
For the first time in my life I was actually starting to see results in my body. Not only was my body changing visually but I could feel myself physically getting stronger which I believe lead me to becoming even stronger mentally b/c of her motivation and actually helping me realize that anything can be achieved w/ hard work and dedication.

What do you do differently now (if anything) to support your health & fitness?
I have learned so much since working w/ Jenn. Yes, she has helped push me physically to want more from my body but I think more important than that is her wealth of knowledge that she has shared w/ me about how to truly live a healthy lifestyle. I feel that she wants this for me just as much as I want it for myself and to have someone believe in you like that and be able to positively guide you in the right direction is priceless. I now make knowledgeable decisions that I understand will have good or bad consequences so there are no longer any surprises in my weight loss journey. If I do the hard work and stick w/ the plan it WILL pay off.

What is your favorite exercise to do? Least favorite?
I love my round house kicks w/ someone holding the bag, they make me feel POWERFUL, lol. I think we all know my most dreaded exercise is the burpie :(((( I truly HATE this one!
Share with us your results so far (and attach pics if you would like!!!)
Today I am 140 lbs, Size 6-8 or medium(shocking b/c that's a little less than I weighed in high school and when I look at those pics I think I looked pretty good back then, so I'm ecstatic to be there again). The strength that I have gained, both physically and mentally is just indescribable, I really feel like I can conquer ANYTHING!

What would you say to others about the Fitness Jenn training program?
I sing Jenn's praises at least once a day EVERY DAY! I honestly would not be where I am today if it was not for her commitment to me. She has been such a huge help in my journey and it's comforting that she actually practices what she preaches and is guiding from experience. She has always taken the time to really understand where I'm coming from at any given moment and help me through it. She makes me WANT to do more, and w/ no guilt or bullying, just with her motivation, inspiration and knowledge.

What's the next goal you would like to reach?
I definitely want to WIN the FitnessJenn 12 week contest in July and who knows, if Jenn and Melissa get their way I just might be next to them on stage next year, lol. Or at least I'll be comfortable at the beach in my bikini for the first time ever, also priceless!

Please share anything else you would like the world to know!
I believe anyone can benefit from working w/ Jenn. Something I didn't mention earlier is the fact that her classes are full of people on EVERY fitness level and no one should feel discouraged or intimidated w/ their first step towards becoming or maintain a healthy lifestyle, but inspired that we are all there for the same goal of HEALTHY living, whether it's 5 lbs or 50 lbs.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

May Client of the Month - Fitness Jenn Success Story

Name: Brenda

Occupation: Juvenile Corrections Officer/Travel Store Owner

When did you start with "Fitness Jenn" and what was your weight? Measurements? Fitness Level?
My first class with Fitness Jenn was Body Boot Camp on October 14, 2008. It was extremely challenging for me to say the least. Doing jumping jacks were difficult, let alone everything else she had us do. I was so sore, I didn't go back until after the first of November. My fitness level? It had been at least 2 and a half years since I exercised, so my fitness level was very very low. My weight was about 216 lbs., although I was not very excited to jump on the scale at that time. My first set of measurements were taken on November 19, 2008:
Upper Arm L= 13 R= 13.25
Chest 43.5
Waist 37.5
Hips 51.75
Thigh L=28 R=28
Calf L = 15.75 R= 15.5
Wrist L=6 R=6
Forearm L=9.75 R= 9.5

What program did you/do you do with Jenn? (Classes, Personal Training, Etc)
When I first started I just did Body Boot Camp classes up until February. Then in February I started coming for some Kickboxing classes too. And then by March I was coming to Body Boot Camp, Kickboxing and Core classes. Now, in addition to taking classes I receive Personal Training, and Meal Planning from Fitness Jenn..
How has your progress been?
I have experienced steady and consistent progress since the beginning, with the exception of a few setbacks. One of which was from being sick most of December; I think I actually only attended one or two classes that month. I am averaging about 6 pounds of weight loss a month.
What do you do differently now (if anything) to support your health & fitness? I do many things differently now like paying attention to what I put in my mouth for starters. Even if I do eat something that's not exactly the best option, I am conscious of it, and I record all my food and drink in a daily log ( I look at food as fuel for my body and that way of thinking has helped me make better choices about the kinds of food I eat. Exercise is now a priority in my life. It's as important as getting a good night's sleep, or eating a healthy meal.

What is your favorite exercise to do? Least favorite?
My favorite exercise to do is interval cardio training. I enjoy the challenge of fluctuating the speed and incline on a treadmill or bike, and it really makes time go by quickly when you're focused on 1 to 2 minute intervals as opposed to just 30 minutes on the treadmill. My least favorite exercise would have to be burpees (but I do them anyway).

Share with us your results so far (and attach pics if you would like!!!):
My overall weight is down about 36 lbs. and even though I "wish" that number was lower, I know that an average weight loss of about 5-6 lbs. a month is a healthy weight loss, and I am gaining lean muscle. In addition, weight never tells the whole story, it's my inches lost that I am really happy about. Below are my measurements taken on April 23, 2009.
Difference (from 11/19/08)
Upper Arm L = 12.25 R = 12.25 (L = -.75, R = -1)
Chest 40.75 (- 2.75)
Waist 33 (- 4.5)

Hips 46.25 (- 5.5)

Thigh L = 24 R = 24 (L = - 4, R = - 4)

Calf L = 15 R = 15.25 (L = - .75, R = - .25)

Wrist L = 6 R = Under 6 (L = same, R = slight loss)

Forearm L = 9.5 R = 9.5 (L = - .25, R = same)

Neck 13.75

That's a grand total of 23.75 inches!!!! I lost 2 feet of ME! Now that's what I call progress.

What would you say to others about the Fitness Jenn training program?
I recommend Jenn whenever I have an opportunity to do so. Jenn has helped me regain my self confidence and reshape my body. Classes are awesome, I look forward to them every week. In the past I've worked with personal trainers at gyms and I have never had a trainer push me like Jenn does.

What's the next goal you would like to reach?
Right now I have a weight loss goal I am working towards, and after that my goal is to increase my muscle tone so I have a lean hard body.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

12 Week Body Transformation Contest RULES

Fitness Jenn’s 12 Week Body Transformation Contest!

GRAND PRIZE: 4 day, 3 night hotel accommodations*with a one day gaming cruise in Orlando, Florida! (Thanks to: Orange Coast Travel - click to view their site)

SECOND PLACE PRIZE: Detox Spa day at The Body Wrap Shoppe to include – Sauna, Ion cleanse, Infrared body treatment, and slim wrap!

This contest is open to anyone who wants to change their body and look great! You do not have to be a current Fitness Jenn client to participate!!! The person with the largest percentage of weight lost PLUS percentage of inches lost WINS!

Here’s how to enter:

1) Contest runs: April 26th – July 18th

2) Entry fee into contest = $50. (Cash, Check, PayPal – non-refundable)

3) Must have a valid e-mail address to participate. This will be verified.

4) Schedule your first weigh in and measurement appointment with the Body Wrap Shoppe~ to record your starting weight and inches. First and last measurements MUST be recorded by the Body Wrap Shoppe. Measurement appointments will not be scheduled until entry fee is collected.

5) In order to keep the contest exciting Fitness Jenn will send e-mail updates to all participants. Keep track of your competition!!! This will help you stay motivated! Please schedule weigh ins and re-measures with the Body Wrap Shoppe every 3-4 weeks to track your progress.

~Weigh in/measurement only appointments are FREE, however The Body Wrap Shoppe will offer SPECIAL MEMBERSHIP pricing to everyone entered into the contest for the ENTIRE 12 WEEKS for anyone interested in body wraps during the contest. See Lynn at the Body Wrap Shoppe for more details.


The Body Wrap Shoppe

2112 Rt 70

Manchester, NJ. 08759


*Airfare NOT included. Restrictions apply. For a copy of these restrictions please contact Jenn at

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Healthy Recipe #2 - Vitrually Carb Free Pancakes

Yummy & Virtually Carb Free Protein Pancakes


2 TBS Fat Free Cottage Cheese – 20 Calories, 0g Fat, 1g Carbs, 3.75g Protein
1/3 Cup Better ‘N Eggs (egg whites) – 43 Calories, 0g Fat, 1.4 Carbs, 8.6g Protein
1 Whole Large Egg – 74 Calories, 5g Fat, .4g Carbs, 6.3g Protein
1 scoop Protein Powder* – 120 Cals, 2g Fat, 2g Carbs, 23g Protein


Place all ingredients into a blender and blend well. Heat pan to a medium temp. Pour “pancake batter” into the pan and cook like a regular pancake. The protein powder will help firm the outside to look and feel like a pancake. This recipe makes about 4 pancakes and they will be a bit thinner than a regular pancake.

Optional toppings: Peanut Butter, Fruit, Light butter or butter substitute (just watch those portions!)

Nutritional Info: (this calculation is with out topping, and using EAS Whey Vanilla Protein Powder)
Calories – 257
Fat – 7g Fat
Carbs – 4.8g Carbs
Protein – 41.65

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

3 Donuts for $3 at Dunkin Donuts! Wow, what a bargain!

3 Donuts for $3 at Dunkin Donuts! Wow, what a bargain!

But wait…there’s more! Check out this BONUS:

1) The Glazed Donut (220 calories, 9g fat, 31g Carbs) also comes with your choice of:

61 mins of walking or
25 mins of jogging or
18 mins of swimming or
34 mins of cycling

2) The Chocolate Frosted Donut (230 calories, 10g fat, 32g Carbs) comes with a side of:

64 mins of walking, or
26 mins of jogging, or
19 mins of swimming, or
35 mins of cycling

3) The Apple Crumb Donut (460 calories, 18g fat, 36g Carbs) pairs nicely with:

128 mins of walking
53 mins of jogging
38 mins of swimming
70 mins of cycling

Were you planning on sharing these goodies?? After all, you DO get 3! Dunkin Donuts must know that you love the gym…otherwise why else would they give you such a great deal on these donuts?!?

Time it takes to eat a 460 calorie donut = less than 5 minutes.

Time it takes to burn off that donut = 38-128 minutes.

Do the math…make your choice…after all it is YOUR CHOICE!

Fitness Jenn is Teaming up with Marisa Havey to raise money for March of Dimes

Last December I participated in a fundraiser for St Jude's Children's Hospital. This month, I am helping out a family member so she can try to reach her goal of raising $500 for March of Dimes.
I am teaming up with Marisa Havey for the March of Dimes March for Babies event at Ocean County College on Sunday April 26, 2009. Please click on the picture for more information on how you can become a part of the team or make a donation.
PLEASE NOTE - Anyone who makes a donation or joins the team to walk will receive a $25 Fitness Jenn Gift Certificate good towards any class, online, or personal training package. Once you have made your donation or joined the team please FILL OUT the contact form on my website IN FULL so I can verify with Marisa. I will also need your address to send you the gift certificate.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Healthy Recipe #1 - Chicken & Asparagus

Chicken & Asparagus Recipe
2 oz thinly sliced chicken breast
6 Asparagus Spears (Fresh)
1-2 Garlic Bulbs
Olive Oil
Montreal Chicken Grill Seasoning
Roast Garlic in Terracotta Pot (Soak pot in water for about 15 mins. Set Oven at 400 degrees. Slice top off Garlic Bulb and place in pot with the cut off side up. Drizzle a small amount of Olive Oil over, cover and bake for 30-40 mins) When it’s done it should squeeze out like butter.
Spread the roasted (butter like) garlic on one side of the thin chicken breast. Place all 6 Asparagus spears in center of chicken and roll chicken around Asparagus and place on a baking sheet. Make sure the fold of the chicken is down as to hold everything together. Sprinkle Montreal Seasoning on top and bake at 400 for 20 mins.
Calories: Chicken: 80 Calories 1g Fat 0g Carbs 17g Protein
Asparagus: 20 Calories 0g Fat 3.7g Carbs 2.2g Protein
Garlic: 4 calories 0g Fat 1g Carbs 0g Protein
Olive Oil: 39 Calories 4.5g Fat 0g Carbs 0g Protein
Totals: 143 calories 5.5g Fat 4.7 g Carbs 19.2g Protein

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ants on a Log

(4) 4 inch Celery Sticks
50 raisins
2 TBS Peanut Butter

Put 1/2 TBS on each 4 inch celery stick then top with 12-13 raisins.

Serving size: Makes 4 "Ants on a Log"

Nutritional Info:
268 calories
9g Protein
26g carbs
16g fat (the GOOD kind of fat!!!)

Very nutritious snack!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Are you Green? I am.

Ok, so everyone who knows me knows that I’m Irish. I don’t know what gives it away…the freckles on my face, my (sometimes) stubbornness, or the vanity plates on my car!!! Yes, I do get drawn to items I see in the store that are green. Forget it…when the St. Patrick’s Day stuff comes out I’m like a kid in a candy store!

What do you think of when you hear the word “green?” I know a few things that come to mind for me. When I hear green I think, saving the environment, spinach, cucumbers, broccoli, money. Hmmmm, I’m sensing a pattern here, are you? All of the things I think of when I think of green are natural, living things (ok, well except for money!)

Why am I writing about this? Why should you care? Good question. I’m about to give you some information you might not otherwise know about Green Tea, and the many positive effects it has on your body. Remember, you only get one body…better take care of it!

Green Tea, or green tea extract (also known as camellia sinensis) should be taken by just about everyone, everyday to see the benefits. Those who may want to avoid it before consulting with your doctor are individuals sensitive to caffeine, those who are pregnant, those taking anti depressants, or individuals who have history of heart, intestinal, or kidney problems, suffer from panic attacks or allergies. Of course, before you start any new supplement, do your research and/or consult with your doctor if you are not sure.

Green Tea can be taken in tea form, where you drink it, or in supplement pill form. Either way, both will offer tremendous benefits for your overall health and well being. This list of benefits includes:

1) Aids in weight loss. Green tea reacts with the body’s thermogenesis (the body’s way to generate heat and increase the metabolic rate.) Green tea can be found in many weight loss supplements and offers the same type of benefits as stimulant supplements, without that “shaky” or “jittery” feeling. I take Nutrilite’s Slimmetry on a daily basis before each of my main meals. So my daily intake is: 1630mg of green tea extract, which includes 375mg EGCG (antioxidant), and 120mg caffeine.
2) Aids in getting rid of acne.
3) Helps lower cholesterol, blood pressure and reduces inflammation.
4) Contains antioxidants that help fight free radicals from the pollution our body is victim to everyday.
5) Helps protect against some cancers, liver disease, and aids in digestion.

After reading the list of benefits, has it made you consider adding green tea into your daily routine? If not, why not? Maybe is short article didn’t provide you with enough evidence or research to make your decision…and that’s ok. If this article provided you with enough info to want to further explore, research, and learn about the uses of green tea, then at least I’ve done that much. The best thing you can do for yourself is to do your own research. Don’t just believe what product manufacturers tell you to be true. Educate yourself so that you can share your wealth of knowledge with others. You are more likely to remember information you CHOSE to look up and research rather than information just given to you. Let this article be your catalyst towards making you a more informed person about the things that matter to you most.

Here is my challenge to you. Find a vitamin, mineral, or ingredient you want to know more about and research it. There are thousands of articles and information out there for you to find. Gather up the info you find and write up a brief article about that vitamin, mineral, or ingredient and share it with the world. Post it in blogs, on message boards, on your own website, etc. You never know whose life you are going to touch.


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ingredient Review #2: Partially Hydrogenated Oils

Partially hydrogenated oils will definitely help you get fat! These fats are not like the important essential fats our body needs but the ones you should avoid at all costs. Hydrogenated (or partially hydrogenated) oils are in many of the packaged products on the shelves of your favorite store. Manufacturers use this ingredient in place of butter because it is cheaper, but over time this will not only make you fat but it can lead to a number of serious conditions, like multiple sclerosis and arthritis. Does that sound fun? I didn’t think so. Hydrogenated oils contain trans fats and it’s trans fats that are hazardous to your health. How do these oils make you fat? Author, Eric Armstrong, of’s article, “What’s Wrong with Partially Hydrogenated Oils?” explains:

“Picture it like this. The trans fats are now the guards along the watchtower. The essential fatty acids (the support troops) are waiting outside to get into the fort (the cell), so they can be distributed along the watchtower (the cell wall). But the guards won't let them in! So they have to find someplace to stay in town. Over time, more and more troops are finding lodging in town. So new houses (fat cells) have to built to keep them in. The town grows more and more swelled with troops (fat), and it gets bigger and bigger (fatter). It's not a pretty picture at all, when you realize that the town is your belly, buns, face, and neck.”

For Eric’s full article please visit:

My 2 cents: READ YOUR LABELS! Take responsibility for what you put into your body. Make a conscious effort to avoid this ingredient at all costs…you don’t want to be fat anyway, right?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ingredient Review #1: Maltodextrin

Maltodextrin is a sweetener that is not sugar. It is usually made from rice, corn, or potato starch and is more easily digested than some other carbohydrates. It has low calories (4 calories per gram) so it is not calorie free. For someone with diabetes this may be a better option than sugar because it won’t spike glucose levels. In addition to it being a sweetener it can also be used as a thickening agent for sauces and dressings. Maltodextrin may also contain (or create) Monosodium Glutamate (MSG).

My 2 cents: Based on the scientific information I found it seems as though products containing maltodextrin isn’t something to be too concerned about when taken in moderation. The problem arises for people watching their weight, or trying to lose weight, when EVERYTHING they consume contains it. With this common food ingredient the thing to remember is MODERATION. Every gram of maltodextrin contains 4 calories and if you are not careful those calories can add up.

The best foods to buy are going to be those that have very few ingredients listed and need no explanation as to what they are. Example: Bryers Natural Vanilla Ice Cream. Ingredients: milk, cream, sugar, natural flavor, natural tara gum. (Ok, so maybe you don’t know what “Tara Gum” is, so let me tell you. Tara gum comes from the seeds of the tara tree so it is also a natural ingredient.)


Friday, February 13, 2009

What are you eating?

Kudos to everyone who reads their food labels while doing their weekly supermarket run! But, how far do you go? Do you check out the calories only? What about the fat content? Carbohydrates? Proteins? List of ingredients?

If you are like most label readers you probably stop reading after the fat, carb, and protein breakdown. Maybe that’s because you think you have gathered enough information to make a healthy buying decision. Ah-ha! But, it’s not. The list of ingredients is probably more important to pay attention to because it actually list what is in the product.

Let’s look at Yoplait Whips! Light & Fluffy Peaches ‘N Cream 4oz cup as an example. It’s 140 Calories, 2.5g Fat, 25g Carbohydrates, and 5g Protein. Great! Now let’s look at the list of ingredients: Reduced fat milk, sugar, nonfat milk, high fructose corn syrup, peach puree, modified corn starch, kosher gelatin, natural flavor, potassium sorbate, annatto extract, vitamin A acetate, vitamin D3, lactic acid esters of mono and diglycerides, nitrogen.

(A brief lesson on how to read a list of ingredients: The ingredients listed first are the items that make up a large percent of the product and the ingredients listed last only make up a small percent of the product.)

So, looking back at our example, does anything stand out to you? How about the fact that peaches are the fifth item listed, behind sugar AND high fructose corn syrup! (High fructose corn syrup is just another name for sugar.) If you want to read a really good article on WHY high fructose corn syrup is bad for you check out Cassandra Forsythe’s article on Figure Athlete.

Why am I writing this blog? Well, I haven’t personally come across a book or website yet that picks a product (“healthy” or not) off the shelf and explains exactly what dextrose, monosodium glutamate, or maltodextrin is and why it is (or isn’t) bad for you. Or what does enriched flour or modified corn starch mean? I want to make it easy for people to find this information so they can start to understand why it is so important to read food labels beyond just calories, and to realize what they are putting into their bodies.

So check back often for ingredient reviews and if there is a particular food you would like to see dissected and explained please e-mail me at:

I look forward to doing my part towards helping make America (and maybe the world) a little bit healthier!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Catching up with the New Year

So here it is, February already...and 6 more weeks of winter they say? Isn't that what always happens??

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