Monday, November 9, 2009

FJ Across America - It's been 15 weeks since we started the game/challenge!

Laura and I added our miles to the count for a total of 19.5 miles in Week 15.

Total Group Miles so far: 374.39

There are about 2,860 miles from New Jersey to California...we have a LOOOONG way to go!

Week 16 started yesterday...I ran 4...who's going to match that??? Better yet...who wants to RAISE ME?!?!

Monday, November 2, 2009

November Client of the Month

Name: Karen
Occupation: Multi- technician at CMC ER , soon to be nursing student
When did you start with "Fitness Jenn" and what was your weight? Measurements? Fitness Level?
I would have to say my weight when I started Fitness Jenn was around 138- 140. I was at that point when no matter what you did you just never lost the weight. I was going to the gym before I started and still hit a plateau of weight loss. I had somewhat of a fitness level before I had started with Jenn, I hit the gym, lifted weights, and did my cardio. I now, according to my scale at home, am 132.
What program did you/do you do with Jenn? (Classes, Personal Training, Etc)
I do Kickboxing and Bootcamp, I first started with Kickboxing, and it kicked my you know what and gave me that OMG feeling the next day. I loved it and just keep going back for more. 2 hours of great torture!!! Never get tired of that hurt feeling of the best work out ever.How has your progress been?Progress is unbelievable. I am down around 8 lbs. and I am much leaner and more cut (according to Jenn) than I was before I started. I feel better than I have in awhile and always look forward to going to each and every class I can. I get really bummed when I can’t make it.
What do you do differently now (if anything) to support your health & fitness?
Thank you to Jenn who has given me a workout to maximize my time at the gym because time is limited for me. I use that as a strong guideline and keep a close eye on my diet. I make sure that those carbs stay at a distance and only have a sufficient amount for my energy level for the day. Protein is a new friend and the portions at dinner (a lot smaller). I also watch what I snack on...always healthy!!!!!
What is your favorite exercise to do? Least favorite?
My favorite exercise would have to be the punches. Very big stress reliever for me!!!!! FYI next one would be push ups, love them too. 30 off the bat in the gym helps me with them in class. Least favorite would have to be burpies, yeah, they are just a pain in the ass!!!! All in all, I love every moment of every muscle aching work out!!!!
Share with us your results so far (and attach pics if you would like!!!)
Well to put it in my husband’s words, “you’re starting to look like a female bodybuilder” that is complimenting enough. I love it. The lean, skinnier, more cut look. Somewhat of what I am aiming, thanks to Jenn I am starting to get there. I plan on keep working at it and getting to where I want to be.
What would you say to others about the Fitness Jenn training program?
She is the greatest. Jenn will not let you quit and will motivate you every step of the way!!!!!What's the next goal you would like to reach?I want to be more defined. that’s all, but I think Jenn has more of a goal for me. Hey Jenn, I will have to think about that one, you need to tone my tummy a bit more for my taste!!
Please share anything else you would like the world to know!
Jenn won’t only keep you on your goal, but she will help you with diet and anything you need to know about fitness. Her classes are never the same, so you never know what you are walking into, which is one thing I love about them. I can’t be in class doing the same thing over and over again; she’s got something new in store for each and every class. LOVE IT!!!!!! Jenn's not only a personal trainer or instructor, she makes a really great friend, who if you ever have any questions or problems with workouts or diet or anything, she is sure to help you with them.