Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Help Me Raise $$$ For St. Jude's

As you probably know...working out is my PASSION! So, this week when I returned to the gym and noticed a sign hanging up for "Work out for St. Jude," a fundraiser my gym was hosting, I IMMEDIATELY asked how I could participate.

When I was about 5 years old I went door to door asking businesses for sponsorships to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy, which resulted in $1,000 in donations. (I was either too cute to say no to....or my selling skills just rocked...haha)

22 years later help me reach that $1,000 goal again...this time for the wonderful St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.

There are 2 ways to sponsor me:

1) Flat donation...$10, $20, $30, etc anything you can give.

2) Choose an event or exercise and put a dollar amount to it. For example: $1 for every mile ran on the treadmill, or $1 for every pull up, sit up, or push up. Get creative!!! This is your time to challenge me!!!

Event Week is December 15th - December 20th. I plan to participate EVERYDAY of the event so BRING IT ON!!! All checks must be made out to: St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital and are of course tax-deductible.

HELP ME REACH MY GOAL OF $1,000 for St. Jude's.


Jenn Nash
Visit: http://www.fitnessjenn.blogspot.com/ for additional health & fitness information and motivation!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Free Gift Card Anyone???

In addition to being a personal trainer, I am also a Quixtar Independent Business Owner with access to thousands of products. I am going to be running a promotion from now until Christmas. Check out my main site: www.quixtar.com. With every $100 spent (pre tax & shipping on qualified items) you will get a $25 Ribbon Gift Card.
Here's how it works:
You need to create a customer account. Once you have all of your items in your shopping cart at check out you will need to put in my IBO number - 5391270 (so that I get credit for the order!) Then e-mail me which $25 Ribbon Gift Card you want and I will place that order for you and have it sent to you.
For those who don't know about Ribbon it's like getting a gift card to an online store. Use it as a stocking stuffer, or for yourself!
Here are the qualifying brands:
Nutrilite - Vitamins
Artistry - Make up & Skin Care
XS - Sugar Free Energy Drinks
Nutrilite Sports Nutrition - Protein shakes, bars, sports drinks
Trim Advantage - Weight Management Products
Simply Nutrilite - Healthy Snacks, vitamins, drink mixes
Atmosphere - Air Purifiers
Satinique - Hair products
eSpring - Water treatment systems and filters
NAO - Make up geared towards teens
Tolsom - Men's cologne, skin care and shaving products
SA8 - Earth friendly & highly concentrated detergents for laundry
Body Blends - Scented Shower gels, lotions, and body sprays
Body Series - Bar soaps, shower gels, lotions, and deodorants
Dish Drops - Earth friendly & highly concentrated kitchen soap
Glister - Oral Care
icook - Kitchen wares
L.O.C - Earth friendly & highly concentrated cleaning supplies
Pursue - Earth friendly & highly concentrated cleaning supplies
Ribbon - Themed Gift cards or catalogs
Please let me know if you have questions. This is a great way to get some holiday shopping done...or pick up some regular household items...and the best thing? It's delivered to your door! No gas used!
Have a great day!

Monday, November 10, 2008

I qualified for Nationals!

It was a LOOOONG day...and my body hurt by the end of it all but it was well worth it. I placed first in the NJ State Fitness Championships which qualified me to compete at a National Competition. When you compete at Nationals you have the opportunity to earn your pro card which then allows you to win money. I have 2 years to use my qualification, so I am going to make sure I am 100% ready. I have one more competition this weekend then I'm going to take a mini break to enjoy the holidays...then it's back to work after New Years. As soon as I have my routine video uploaded I will post it!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Are you eating enough?

Yes, you read that right! Are you eating enough? Many people think, "If I eat less I will lose weight"...not true! Your body needs calories to function properly. If you don't consume enough calories through out the day your body's metabolism will slow down and will begin to store that food as fat. Eating small meals every 3-4 hours will keep your metabolism going and will prevent you from feeling hungry. Just remember to make healthy choices! Every person will require a different minimum calorie requirement per day depending on their current weight and activity level. Please email me any questions you have and check out my Health Zone nutrition site and The Fat Loss Troubleshoot.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wow, this week went fast!

It's already Friday tomorrow and I will be getting another body wrap and spray tan for another competition. This Saturday I will be competing at the NJ State Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championship which will be held at Kennelworth High School. I will be judged on my fitness routine this time in addition to the one and two piece swimsuit rounds. The day show starts at 11am and tickets are $15 and the night show starts at 6pm and tickets are $25. There will be many special guests there including professional bodybuilders, fitness and figure athletes, as well as UFC Referee, Dan Marigliotta. I will update this weekend with the results and maybe some pictures too!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Maybe I'll get 'em at the next one...

So, Gold's Classic came and went. I didn't place, but there was some fierce competition. There were about 20-25 women and I would guess that MAYBE 5 of us were under 30. Most were over 35 and they looked GREAT. I only hope I look that good after kids (which many of them had.) I will post a pic or 2 once I get them from the photographer. I still have 2 more shows coming up (Nov 8th & Nov 15th) so I am looking ahead...I must keep working hard. 2 more weeks and then I can take a short break to enjoy the holidays...maybe even eat some cookies! Today I already ran Boot Camp class at 7am, trained 4 clients after that...and now I am on my way to the gym for MY work out...then I have to train Michelle at 4:30pm. At least when I was driving to Boot Camp at 6:30am there was a little sun...not pitch black like it's been! Everyone have a healthy day!