Monday, November 3, 2008

Maybe I'll get 'em at the next one...

So, Gold's Classic came and went. I didn't place, but there was some fierce competition. There were about 20-25 women and I would guess that MAYBE 5 of us were under 30. Most were over 35 and they looked GREAT. I only hope I look that good after kids (which many of them had.) I will post a pic or 2 once I get them from the photographer. I still have 2 more shows coming up (Nov 8th & Nov 15th) so I am looking ahead...I must keep working hard. 2 more weeks and then I can take a short break to enjoy the holidays...maybe even eat some cookies! Today I already ran Boot Camp class at 7am, trained 4 clients after that...and now I am on my way to the gym for MY work out...then I have to train Michelle at 4:30pm. At least when I was driving to Boot Camp at 6:30am there was a little sun...not pitch black like it's been! Everyone have a healthy day!

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