Tuesday, June 2, 2009

May Client of the Month - Fitness Jenn Success Story

Name: Brenda

Occupation: Juvenile Corrections Officer/Travel Store Owner

When did you start with "Fitness Jenn" and what was your weight? Measurements? Fitness Level?
My first class with Fitness Jenn was Body Boot Camp on October 14, 2008. It was extremely challenging for me to say the least. Doing jumping jacks were difficult, let alone everything else she had us do. I was so sore, I didn't go back until after the first of November. My fitness level? It had been at least 2 and a half years since I exercised, so my fitness level was very very low. My weight was about 216 lbs., although I was not very excited to jump on the scale at that time. My first set of measurements were taken on November 19, 2008:
Upper Arm L= 13 R= 13.25
Chest 43.5
Waist 37.5
Hips 51.75
Thigh L=28 R=28
Calf L = 15.75 R= 15.5
Wrist L=6 R=6
Forearm L=9.75 R= 9.5

What program did you/do you do with Jenn? (Classes, Personal Training, Etc)
When I first started I just did Body Boot Camp classes up until February. Then in February I started coming for some Kickboxing classes too. And then by March I was coming to Body Boot Camp, Kickboxing and Core classes. Now, in addition to taking classes I receive Personal Training, and Meal Planning from Fitness Jenn..
How has your progress been?
I have experienced steady and consistent progress since the beginning, with the exception of a few setbacks. One of which was from being sick most of December; I think I actually only attended one or two classes that month. I am averaging about 6 pounds of weight loss a month.
What do you do differently now (if anything) to support your health & fitness? I do many things differently now like paying attention to what I put in my mouth for starters. Even if I do eat something that's not exactly the best option, I am conscious of it, and I record all my food and drink in a daily log (FitDay.com). I look at food as fuel for my body and that way of thinking has helped me make better choices about the kinds of food I eat. Exercise is now a priority in my life. It's as important as getting a good night's sleep, or eating a healthy meal.

What is your favorite exercise to do? Least favorite?
My favorite exercise to do is interval cardio training. I enjoy the challenge of fluctuating the speed and incline on a treadmill or bike, and it really makes time go by quickly when you're focused on 1 to 2 minute intervals as opposed to just 30 minutes on the treadmill. My least favorite exercise would have to be burpees (but I do them anyway).

Share with us your results so far (and attach pics if you would like!!!):
My overall weight is down about 36 lbs. and even though I "wish" that number was lower, I know that an average weight loss of about 5-6 lbs. a month is a healthy weight loss, and I am gaining lean muscle. In addition, weight never tells the whole story, it's my inches lost that I am really happy about. Below are my measurements taken on April 23, 2009.
Difference (from 11/19/08)
Upper Arm L = 12.25 R = 12.25 (L = -.75, R = -1)
Chest 40.75 (- 2.75)
Waist 33 (- 4.5)

Hips 46.25 (- 5.5)

Thigh L = 24 R = 24 (L = - 4, R = - 4)

Calf L = 15 R = 15.25 (L = - .75, R = - .25)

Wrist L = 6 R = Under 6 (L = same, R = slight loss)

Forearm L = 9.5 R = 9.5 (L = - .25, R = same)

Neck 13.75

That's a grand total of 23.75 inches!!!! I lost 2 feet of ME! Now that's what I call progress.

What would you say to others about the Fitness Jenn training program?
I recommend Jenn whenever I have an opportunity to do so. Jenn has helped me regain my self confidence and reshape my body. Classes are awesome, I look forward to them every week. In the past I've worked with personal trainers at gyms and I have never had a trainer push me like Jenn does.

What's the next goal you would like to reach?
Right now I have a weight loss goal I am working towards, and after that my goal is to increase my muscle tone so I have a lean hard body.


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