Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thinking About Your New Years Resolution Yet?

Weight Loss? Start Exercising? Get Healthy? Follow these tips to get started!

I would highly recommend adding walking into your routine first. This will build your base and then when you are ready you can start to challenge yourself later with jogging, or walking on inclines, etc.

Weight/resistance training is also VERY important for losing weight. Building lean muscle will actually help you burn more calories at rest. So "pumping iron" lol is good for you. And don't worry ladies...I am positive you will not ever lift enough weight or eat enough calories to look like a bodybuilder/man...I PROMISE!!!

Make sure you are eating enough through out the day and making HEALTHY choices. Think about what you are eating and how much of the nutrients will be used in a positive way through out your body and how much of it will be "passed."

I could go on and on for years so if there is something specific you are interested specific exercises...or meal suggestions, please let me know!!!

Let 2009 be your best year yet!!! Make the important decision to put YOU first!

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