Sunday, October 4, 2009

October Client of the Month

Name: Shannon

Occupation: Advertising Extraordinaire ....or Marketing Manager

When did you start with “Fitness Jenn” and what was your weight? Measurements? Fitness Level?
I've always been active, whether it be playing softball, recreational running, training for half marathons or triathlons. I know I have to keep moving because I deal with a medical condition that makes me predisposed to being overweight. I learned about "Fitness Jenn" online, after returning from a 6 day fitness retreat. I wanted to keep the intensity of my workouts up and Jenn's classes were exactly what I was looking for!

What program did you/do you do with Jenn? (Classes, Personal Training, Etc)
I love Jenn's kickboxing and bootcamp classes. When my schedule permits I try to get to the Core/Abs class also.

How has your progress been?
With Jenn's instruction and tons of support, I was able to achieve an unimagined goal of competing in an NPC competition.

What do you do differently now (if anything) to support your health & fitness?
I now sweat like a beast- unlike anything I've ever experienced... so I'd say we've incorporated a lot more high intensity workouts into my routine.

What is your favorite exercise to do? Least favorite?
I really like workouts that I think are going to be excruciating... after they're all done. There's nothing that feels better than finishing one of Jenn's really tough workouts. My least favorite exercises are bear crawls because I think my torso is too short, which makes doing them awkward. I also have a problem with up/downs and burpees in excess.

Share with us your results so far (and attach pics if you would like!!!)

What would you say to others about the Fitness Jenn training program?
Jenn is an amazing trainer with a lot of heart. She has helped so many people achieve their fitness goals whether it be to lose 50 pounds, get on stage and compete or improved fitness stamina and strength.

What’s the next goal you would like to reach?
My goal is to get to the point where I am able to stay consistent with my regimen. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a busy schedule takes a lot of mental strength and discipline and that is the greatest challenge I face.

Please share anything else you would like the world to know!
Jenn rocks and I love sneakers.

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