Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Client of the Month - September

Name: Bianca

Occupation: Waitress

When did you start with "Fitness Jenn" and what was your fitness level?
I started with Jenn after an 8 week vacation in Australia at the end of May. My husband and I decided we wanted to do something together to get fit. I had not done any real exercise in almost 3 years besides walking so I was not really fit at all- I felt like I was going to pass out after the one hour kickboxing class I started with! Before I started with Fitness Jenn I was a bit of a couch potato...Sweat was a foreign substance to me!!

What program did you/do you do with Jenn? (Classes, Personal Training, Etc)
For the first 6 weeks I just did Kickboxing and that was hard enough, but now I do all 3 classes(core, kickboxing and body boot camp)- so 2.5 hours of it and I still feel like bouncing around and running after class.

How has your progress been?
My progress started off slow I think- I felt changes in my fitness every week but I didn't really feel my body changing or anything for a while- I guess it takes time...but recently I feel like I am so much more fit and healthy and I have also lost 8lb in the 3 months I have been doing classes with Jenn. I know I am a lot fitter than before and I really wish I took some really good "before" photos! lol. I also can see a lot more muscle in my body and I love it. I feel so much stronger now. When I started with Jenn I could barely do a pushup from my knees- now I can even do about 10 from my toes..Might not be much for some people but I am gettin there! I don't plan on slowing down any time soon- I wish the classes went for 3.5 hours instead!

What do you do differently now (if anything) to support your health & fitness?
I actually do a lot more exercises now than I did before- and learned that sweating is perfectly natural and even the fittest people I know sweat too! lol. I also learned about Protein supplements and eating lots of protein in your diet and how healthy it can be..I also try to drink a gallon of water every day.

What is your favorite exercise to do? Least favorite?
I like round house kicks and mountain climbers. I sort of hate pushups and burpees- oh and those little Irish jig thingies.

Share with us your results so far (and attach pics if you would like!!!)
Before I started I couldn't run at from doing these classes I have so much more fitness that I can actually run a couple of miles without nearly dying.
I was also 143lb when I started and now I am at 135lb and I think I just lost a lot of fat and have developed muscles also!

What would you say to others about the Fitness Jenn training program?
Umm..that she is a godsend! lol..I just love how I am excited to go to class every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings even- I always look forward to going and sweating my @ss off and getting to see all the other friendly faces there- it is just a lot of fun and it's definitely a great workout. I always get so upset when I have to miss a class :( I think everyone should join because it makes working out fun- I love it so much more than the gym.

What's the next goal you would like to reach?
I just want to keep getting more fit and maybe get some defined abs and thighs, I don't want to lose more weight- but just lose body fat.

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Brenda said...

Holy bicep Bianca! I had no idea. You are getting fitter, keep it up girl.